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  • Sara Maria Iglesias-Guevara, teacher, Barcelona/Spain

    Because I value reliability.

    One day after her 18th birthday, our daughter let us in on her plan: in the summer holidays, she wanted to go to France with her best friend – in our Mercedes. Of course, we agreed. After all, you're only young once. Before the two of them set off, a final check on the Mercedes me Adapter app told us that the battery voltage and tank level were in the green zone. To cater for every eventuality, we also entered our insurance details in the app. And so we were able to let our daughter have the car with a clear conscience – confident that her first road trip adventure would be a carefree one.

  • Domien de Vries, financial adviser on parental leave, Antwerp/Belgium

    In safe hands.

    My mother had invited us for a meal, but we were running a little late. My one-year-old daughter had just dropped her teddy under the front seat and started to cry when, to put the top hat on it, someone ran into the back of us at a set of traffic lights. Of course, that kind of thing is annoying, but it didn't rattle me. Thanks to the checklist for such situations in the Mercedes me Adapter app, I knew just what I needed to do – including a call to the service hotline. The fact that the app immediately enabled them to view all my vehicle details as well as our precise location meant that help was soon on the way. That left us enough time for the important things, like finding the teddy.

  • Chiara Pezzoli, style consultant, Rome/Italy

    Because I'm able to find my parked car again.

    As a freelance style consultant, I'm constantly on the road between showrooms, boutiques, home and my clients' premises. Without a car, all of this would be unthinkable. Yet parking in Rome is a real challenge. Once I've parked my Mercedes, it's quite usual for me to simply hop out without making an accurate note where I've left it this time. Fortunately, the Mercedes me Adapter app knows more than I do. So I'm able to find my car again in next to no time.

  • Paul Taylor, vocal coach, London/England

    Because I like going on spontaneous weekend trips.

    Driving off on a whim for a weekend in the country, to Norfolk or the coast – I've occasionally surprised Katie in this way on a Friday afternoon. Usually, the idea only comes to me an hour before I leave work. A glance at the Mercedes me Adapter app is enough to tell me where I last refuelled and how much it cost. If I then also check the tank level under "My Vehicle" and find it fits in with my surprise plans, the weekend can begin.

  • Beatrice Thalmann, doctor, Zurich/Switzerland

    I make my appointments after 10 o'clock in the evening.

    Between visiting patients, operations, paperwork and extra shifts, I sometimes even forget what day it is. It's only at 10 o'clock in the evening on the sofa that I realise what I've once again forgotten to do: make an appointment for a change of tyres. Luckily, the Mercedes me Adapter app lets me do this even after 10 o'clock in the evening. My Mercedes-Benz service partner normally sends me confirmation of the appointment the very next day. A genuine ray of light in my sometimes rather chaotic life.

  • Jonas Hochstein, sales representative with a pharmaceutical company, Berlin/Germany

    Because I need a clear overview.

    For a year now, I've been working in the field in Berlin for a pharmaceutical company. I live for my contact with my customers. Aside from that, of course, there’s also lots of paperwork I need to do. To coordinate the team, my boss needs to know when and where I've been. Fortunately, the Mercedes me Adapter app lets me export a list of all my journeys, times and kilometres I've driven, which I can then forward to him. This provides both of us with a clear overview and I can concentrate on what's important: my customers.

  • Agnieszka Woźniak, bookseller, Warsaw/Poland

    What to do in an emergency.

    It usually takes me 30 minutes to drive to work in the morning. The other day, however, the wet road conditions contrived to put a spanner in the works, for, despite braking, the driver behind me failed to stop in time – it was my very first accident. My initial reaction was one of bewilderment. What came to my rescue was the Mercedes me Adapter app. Step by step, I entered all the important details in the accident report, made a note of the precise accident location using GPS, added photos of the damage and finally emailed the complete claim notification to my insurer. It's reassuring to have an app I can rely on in an emergency.

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